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You will find application support, trading system signals, technical analysis and many new features.

Invest in an easy, practical and quick way with iTrading’s Technical Analysis and Trading System signals.


Consult our detailed technical analysis and short, middle and long term charts on the main stocks, published every weekend in iTrading app. In each analysis you can find:
  • Identification of the ongoing Trends
  • Identification of the main supports and resistances
  • Identification of the reversal or continuation Pattern
  • Chart drawings
  • Identification of the Trendlines
  • Target price and Stop loss

Technical investigation on the most common indicators and oscillators (macd, stochastics, momentum, etc)

Technical comments


Follow the signals of a profitable traiding systam that has demonstratedfor over 2 years its efficiency and effectiveness. Each signal containes:

  • Buy / Sell signals;
  • Entry Date;
  • Exit Date;
  • Signal’s duration (from 5 to 60 days)
  • Target Price;
  • Stop Loss
  • Reliability of signal;
  • And other useful information.

With these clear and simple signals all traders can follow our trading system in total relax.


iTtrading change the way of trading



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